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Why The Plonk Wine Club Is So Popular:

  1. Rated the #1 Best Organic Wine Club
  2. Rated one of the 10 Best Wine Clubs 5 years in a row
  3. FREE professional-grade corkscrew with every wine club membership
  4. Save up to 16% on reorders and get FREE shipping
  5. 6 different wine clubs to choose from: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Etc.

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Welcome To The Best Organic Wine Club Of 2016

Wine clubs are purposely designed to allow daring wine drinkers the opportunity to refine their palates and that’s exactly what you get when you sign up with the Plonk Wine Club. Not only will you get exposure to wines from around the world that you just won’t find anywhere else, but you’ll also have the added benefit of them being 100% organic! There is absolutely no other wine club that offers this. The Plonk Wine Merchants wine club is the only one!

The Plonk Wine Club offers wines that many other wine clubs do not offer, including biodynamic and organic wines. In order to labeled as an organic or biodynamic wine, the winery must change their growing methods completely. Although some of the wines offered at Plonk are not labeled as organic, they are still considered organic or biodynamic because of these strict growing guidelines. These wineries embrace organic practices and simply have not sought out the certification or they do not promote the fact that they are organic.

Our Latest Organic Wine Delivery

As an example, in our latest shipment from Plonk, we received a bottle of amazing wine from the the Scholium Project Wine. The story of this winery is quite fascinating as they use certified organic fruit from individual farmers from their area. Each batch of wine is made from only one vineyard and bears the name of that particular vineyard. In fact, the winery works closely with the farmers as a partner.

Once the eco-friendly grapes are harvested, much of the fermentation is allowed to occur naturally. And unlike at other vineyards, the fruit is not sterilized and no bacteria, enzymes or commercial yeasts are added. The only action that is taken is chilling to delay the fermentation process or punching down the grapes to help the wine develop a stable and complex flavor.

When the bottle of wine was opened, my husband and I immediately noticed the unusual color of the wine. It was a pale salmon color. This color is usually reserved for rose wines from one area of Provence. We found out that when the wine is cooler than room temperature it takes on a bright flavor with a nutty aftertaste similar to Sherry, only lighter.

When the wine is cooled down further, it exhibits many unique properties I’ve never experienced before. One of which is its ability to pair beautifully with a variety of foods. It works well with Italian inspired meals as well as Tex-Mex inspired meals. This may be the most versatile wine you will find!

The Killer Double Jointed Corkscrew

Honestly speaking, most freebies offered as an incentive to join a wine club are complete junk. I’m happy to report that that just wasn’t the case with the free corkscrew that came with our Plonk membership. In fact, the double jointed corkscrew they sent us is now our favorite corkscrew. We have a variety of corkscrew, including a professional waiter’s corkscrew we paid $125 for, and time and time again, we find ourselves reaching for the double jointed corkscrew rather than any of our other corkscrews. This corkscrew allows you to open any bottle of wine easily, except for those that have solid rubber corks.

Our Wine Club Rating Methodology

Here at, we take our wine club reviews seriously. Even though we may receive renumeration for recommending a wine club, we still take a truly objective approach to our star rating system. Each and every review on our website is based on the decade of wine club experience we have. We’ve been members of small winery wine clubs, medium size vineyard boutique clubs and some of the largest, best run wine of the month clubs there are. No matter which type of monthly wine club it is, we take our reviews seriously as we see it as our #1 goal to ensure you find the best wine club for you. With that in mind, each and every one of our reviews are based on ten different attributes that make up a good wine club. Here is how the Plonk Wine Merchant Club stacks up.

Quality of Wine
Although we do not receive as many shipments of wine from the Plonk monthly wine club as we do from other wine clubs, we have sampled a large number of their wines over the last several years. The consistency of the wines is absolutely wonderful. Additionally, the wines chosen are based on unusual high-quality grapes from different regions of the world.

Price of the Wine

Plonk Wine Merchants offers excellent wines at quite affordable prices. Although there are wine clubs that are less expensive, the quality of wine is also much less. Additionally, you can find more expensive wine clubs that offer wines that cost more. However, no other wine club gives the quality of wine that you receive from Plonk at this low of a price. And none that offer as many organic wines as Plonk does.

Customer Service

The Plonk Wine Club offers personalized customer service that responds much faster than some of the other wine clubs we’ve tried. Instead of getting an automated email response or calling in and being greeted by a call center company from a foreign country, the owner of the Plonk Wine Club, Etty Lewensztain, is available and loves chatting or emailing with her many subscribers. Etty acts more like a personal wine concierge, which is quite refreshing.

The Curation Process

Etty’s palate is world renown and has been validated by Food Magazine and wine critics from around the country. Etty has picked the top wines time and time again. Furthermore, she was recognized by Wine and Spirits Magazine as one of the Top 30 under 30 curators of our time.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Plonk Wine Club offers a satisfaction guarantee that is bar none the best in the industry. If you receive a bottle of wine that you just do not like, they will refund you for it, no questions asked. Because of Etty’s expertise, we would be surprised if you ever received a bottle from Plonk that you didn’t absolutely love.

Discount Opportunities

When evaluating the discount opportunities that a wine club offers, we look at three different area. First, is whether the wine club offers an introductory offer. Secondly, if the wine club offers a discount on any re-orders of wines you liked that came in your last shipmen. And, third, if there are any members-only special discounts available.

With that said though, most people don’t sign up for the Plonk wine of the month club in order to get special discounts. Etty Lewensztain seeks out great wines and offers them to her customers at a fair price. In fact, she has the lowest markup of any wine club we’ve been a member of, which means you get an amazing value in each shipment. However, they do offer the following benefits:

With the first shipment, you will receive a double-hinged, Teflon coated professional grade corkscrew.

You will also get free shipping on all of your wine club shipments. This can be as high as $19.95 at other wine clubs.

If you find a wine that you love, you can get a 10% discount when you reorder. If you decide to buy a case, they also offer a 25% discount on shipping. And when you renew, you will receive a free bonus bottle of wine.


Plock cares for their subscribers and offers amazing customer service. For example, if you need to place your subscription on hold or need to cancel your membership, just call them during regular business hours. Only basic account management things are available online, which include changing your shipping address, updating your payment method or renewing your membership.


Plonk allows you to choose whether you want to receive all whites, all reds or mixed whites and reds in each shipment. You also have the option of choosing between, two, four or twelve bottles of wine in each shipment. And of course you can choose one of their other wine clubs, like their cabernet sauvignon wine club, pinot noir wine club or sauvignon blanc wine club.

The Uniqueness of the Wine of the Month Club

The Plonk Wine Club offers high-quality unique wines and is devoted to foodies. Etty cares so much about customer service that you will feel as if the whole business revolves around your happiness 🙂

Wine Education

Plonk offers an online wine education program. This saves them money on printing costs, which is passed down in savings to you, the customer. Each shipment comes with handcrafted tasting notes that provide you with valuable information about the wine and three food pairing recipes to enjoy.

Gift Worthiness

The Plonk Wine Club is the perfect gift for a wine lover who is adventurous and wants to receive organic or biodynamic wines every month.

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Get FREE SHIPPING and a Corkscrew When You Join Today

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Plonk Wine Club Review
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The Plonk Wine Club earned our best organic wine club award and continues to hold on to it year after year. Sign up today to get the best certified organic wines delivered to your door every month. Prices start at just $49.99 a month.


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