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The #1 Most Affordable Wine Club
WSJ Wine Club of the MonthThe Wall Street Journal Wine Club is by far the most affordable wine club and the best gift you could give to someone you love. After reviewing hundreds of wine clubs from all over the country, the WSJ Wine Club has made the top of our Best Wine Clubs list for the 8th year in a row. Not only is it the most affordable, but it’s also the #1 wine club gift for the last 10 years running. What makes it such a great gift? The amazing array of delicious wines from around the world that are not only of the highest quality, but also the lowest price.

Lowest Price, But Highest Quality Wines Makes It A Clear Winner
The reason why the WSJ Wine Club is the the most affordable of all the other major wine clubs online is because they have incredibly buying power thanks to their large number of existing members. Economies of scale are on their side and all wine club members benefit from that. With thousands of members, the Wall Street Journal Wine Club can buy in bulk at a fraction of the price other wine clubs would have to pay. Not only do they find the best, highest quality wines available right now, but then negotiate incredible deals for them so that our wines are more affordable than with any other wine club.

How Affordable Is The Wall Street Journal Wine Club?
So affordable that anyone can give it as a gift! When you sign up today, you get 12 award-winning bottles of wine, plus a professional grade corkscrew worth $49.99 for only $69.99! There is absolutely no other wine club online that can deliver that kind of value to their members. At $69.99 for 12 bottles, that’s only $5.84 a bottle! You just can’t find that kind of low-price anywhere else. And take a look at the FREE high-end corkscrew that comes with it in the pictures below. That’s such a nice bonus that it’s no wonder so many people like to give the WSJ Wine Club as a gift for Christmas.

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Best Customer Service & Free Bottle Replacement
In addition to being the best affordable wine club, the WSJ Wine Club also provides the best free bottle replacement policy. If you don’t like a bottle that you’ve received, simply call them up and they’ll replace it. No questions asked! And if you do need to speak with their customer service department, you’re going to learn first hand, just like I did, that they actually care about their wine club members. They treat you like an honored guest and take what you have to say seriously. There’s no attitude or passive aggressiveness. Just great customer support.

Cancel At Any Time Policy
Unlike some of the winery wine clubs my husband and I have been a member of, the Wall Street Journal Wine Club has a cancel anytime policy that they stick too. We were a member of one club from Napa Valley (I’ll keep which one secret), and they wouldn’t let us out of our 1 year membership even though the wines they were sending us were terrible! With WSJ Wine, I rest easily knowing that will never happen.

Re-Order Discounts
Not only is their introductory offer easy on the pocket book (only $5.83 a bottle), but they also offer great reorder discounts for all wine club members. I saved over 50% when I ordered 2 cases of wine for my Christmas party last year. You just can’t find those kind of well priced deals in the store or with any other wine club I’ve been a member of. Rest assured that the Wall Street Journal Wine Club is not only affordable when you sign up, but also perfectly priced when you re-order the wine you like.

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The Wall Street Journal Wine Club is the #1 most affordable wine club this year. Source:
The Wall Street Journal Wine Club is the #1 most affordable wine club this year. Source: