Best Napa Valley Wine Clubs

Do you know what the best Napa Valley wine clubs are? It’s certainly true that there are wine clubs around the country and even the world, but it’s the ones in Napa Valley that are widely considered to be among the best of the best. That’s very true in the United States, and yet they’re quite competitive even on a global scale too.

If you join a wine club, it will solidify your status as someone who is a genuine wine lover. A membership, after all, is a commitment. It’s also a commitment that needs to be thought out quite carefully. Even though nearly every wine club offers an annual assortment of wine, with a number of discounted tastings, some go above and beyond all this with things like unique events and even customized membership options. Keep reading to learn some of the best Napa Valley wine clubs right now.

best napa wine clubs

Beringer Wine Club

Beringer Wine ClubBeringer Vineyards is famous for their intricately decorated mansion known as the Rhine House that was built in 1884. Members of their Beringer Reserve Club get to enjoy complimentary tastings in a private section of this mansion away from crowds.

Two other club options are available, as members of each group get to enjoy complimentary summer and/or holiday club dinners in the history Founders Room within the mansion. Members also get invitations to concerts, classes and numerous other pop-up events ranging from gourmet pasta making to things like barrel tastings down in the hand-dug caves that the winemakers use to do their work. These awesome perks always earn rave Beringer wine reviews from their wine club members. Beringer Vineyards also hosts a number of events and other socials across the nation, including things like box seats at some baseball games, meaning you don’t have to be a resident of California to enjoy all the membership can offer you. And as an extra bonus, Beringer wine price is relatively affordable compared to other wine clubs in Napa Valley.

Beringer Winery Napa Valley

Domaine Chandon Wine Club

Domaine Chandon Wine Club LogoDomaine Chandon has a well-earned reputation around Napa Valley for throwing some of the very best winery parties anywhere. Club Chandon members get access to a part of the famous winery that is private and members-only. They also get invites to the noted get-togethers that have gotten so famous. This wine club also involves six shipments per year, right to your door, so that you get anywhere from 12 up to 18 bottles per year. Club Chandon members are able to choose to get all still wines, all sparkling wines, or even a combination of both. They even get a complimentary tasting of the much-adored Brut Classic with every visit to Domaine Chandon.

Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards Wine Club

Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards LogoIf you love Champagne, then you need to strongly consider the wine club of Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards. Members are able to choose a certain number of bottles of the acclaimed sparkling wines each year or just get a mixture of still and sparkling. They fire up a barbecue frequently over the summer, and club members get high-priority access to thinks like Mother’s and Father’s Day Champagne and BBQ events.

Goosecross Cellars Wine Club

Goosecross Cellars LogoGoosecross Cellars is a quaint and downright unpretentious winery in Napa Valley, and it offers a terrific pricing plan for the members of its various wine clubs. That is, they have no cost for you to join! They just charge your specific credit card every time they have a release. The scenic winery has events that are well worth a dedicated visit, such as networking gathering and lobster-in-the-vineyards dinners. They’ll even send out recipes with every release for good meals to pair well with specific bottles of wine, whether it’s theirs or not. They have four different clubs you can choose from based on just how many bottles you’d like to get every year.

Robert Mondavi Wine Club

Robert Mondavi Winery LogoRobert Mondavi Winery is one that has a particularly special club for any dessert wine lovers that they call Moscoto Mania. These club members get 12 bottles of this sweet wine each year. You can still choose to get only reds, whites, or combinations of the two. They host club events all across the country, and members can even get exclusive trips to places like Europe where they spend time with wine experts. It’s a great way to visit the ancestral origins of many of America’s cherished varieties. If you’d like to stay in the States, this winery also is host to several dinners each season right under the stars and for wine club members alone.

St. Supéry Estate Vineyards & Winery Wine Club

St. Supéry Estate Vineyards & Winery LogoSt. Supéry Estate Vineyards and Winery has a wine club that emphasizes discovery. They aim to send rather obscure yet still delicious bottles to all their members with the intention of opening people’s eyes to how much diversity there is in the world of wine. This winery also has a frequently active event calendar, like paella dinners and even boat cruises across the San Francisco Bay. Members also get access to this winery’s admittedly deep library, as well as the possibility of nabbing rare vintages that are only available through this club. They come at a discount too. Some events even bring in poets that write customized poems for each club member.

best napa valley wine clubs

If you’re wanting to be a part of a wine club which offers you more than just occasional free tastings, then try out any of the above best Napa Valley wine clubs. You’re not only assured of getting the hottest offerings from your very favorite wineries, but it’s a safe guess that you’ll discover a few pleasant surprises along the way with your membership.

Please keep in mind that this list of the best Napa Valley wine clubs was presented in no particular order, without ranking anyone higher than others. All of them are great options for wine aficionados. There is certainly a lot to take advantage of if you happen to be a resident or regular in the state of California, but you can also take advantage of many of these events and perks if you just travel here from time to time. With wines by mail or delivery and events from coast to coast or even international travel, there is much to enjoy no matter where you live at the time of your membership.