Firstleaf Wine Club Review

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Firstleaf Wine Club Highlights:

  1. Affordable introductory offer
  2. 1st shipment only costs $39.95 for 6 bottles of wine
  3. Sophisticated wine quiz ensures you only receive bottles you love.
  4. Cancel anytime – even after just 1 shipment
  5. Save up to 30% off reorders

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Firstleaf Wine Club Summary

This personalized wine subscription service studies your tastes and wine preferences by offering you six-bottle shipments that you are supposed to rate after drinking, all while charging pocket-friendly prices. It is an entirely modern wine subscription service, offering award-winning domestic and international wines.

Firstleaf is well known as the world’s 1st fully 100% customizable wine club. As wine club members rate the wines they receive, they personalize the wine selections shown to you to match your unique taste. By doing it this way, they help members discover wines they didn’t even know they loved.

They source directly from the vineyard and pass the savings on to their members. Their introductory shipment is 3 wines for $15, plus tax and $4.95 shipping. Each future club shipment of 6 wines costs only $79, plus tax and $9.95 shipping.

What We Like About First Leaf

Firstleaf has done an outstanding job of providing sensibly-interesting wines, a beautiful presentation and ease of use when compared with other wine subscription services in the same price range. We also appreciate that for each wine offered, they specify the sweetness, tannin level, acidity, fruitiness, and body. You can change out any wines whose characteristics don’t appeal to your taste by simply reviewing the wines you received and the next shipment will take your input into consideration.

Potential Improvements

Firstleaf spends a LOT of money on advertising and packaging. This provides it’s members with the firm belief that they are getting a high-end wine club membership for a medium range price. In fact, you’ll notice a lot of Apple like characteristics in the shipments you receive. Each shipment comes with an envelope on top that is perfectly centered and sealed. Within the envelope you’ll find details on each of the wines you’ve received that month. You’ll also notice that the inside of the box has a very sophisticated pattern printed on it. This is all very well done, and does a great job of conveying that you are an exclusive member of a high-end wine club, however, if they hadn’t spent the money on this high-end branding, then I bet they could have lowered the cost of the monthly wine club shipments a few bucks 😉

Product Pricing And Order Shipping Details

First Leaf Wine Club Reviews

For six wine bottles, membership to the Firstleaf Wine Club will set you back $79.95. The shipping cost, which includes sales tax where necessary, is quoted separately as $9.95. You will pay $14.98 for each bottle, inclusive of shipping costs.

Firstleaf Wine Club, What You Need To Know

They define themselves as a personalized wine of the month subscription service. The fact that they choose wines on the basis of what they know about your preferences is their definition of personalized.

Details Of How The Wine Club Operates:

1. When you complete their quiz after signing up, they start working on your personalized wine subscription.

2. The ratings you assign to the wines they send to you are used to personalize your selections further.

3. All the details on the wines they stock are compared to your preferences.

4. To point out some of the wines you should try, they refer to what they have in stock.

Here’s a list of other details used in personalizing your selections:

• In addition to the opportunity to choose between sparkling and rosé, you get to specify your preferred wine color, whether mixed, white or red.

• From mixed, imported or USA you get to specify your preferred wine region.

• Quarterly, every other month or monthly, you get to specify the frequency of deliveries.

• To ensure that you end up with a perfectly suitable selection, you can swap out any wine bottles you don’t want

Their Personalization Algorithm:

These days, in both in-person and e-commerce shopping, personalization technology has become quite important. Instead of merely picking something off the shelf, customers are increasingly looking for the perfect individual fit. Firstleaf is among the first wine clubs to provide personalized wine subscriptions as the wine industry comes to terms with this reality.

On top of their meticulous analysis of all their wines for the chemical properties linked with taste, Firstleaf is also explicitly using data science, unlike their competitors.

Furthermore, when it comes to matching your personal preferences with their wine offering, they are relying on the use of advanced machine learning algorithms. In the field of personalized wine selections, Firstleaf is leading, thanks to their varied wine inventory and the use of the 3 technologies mentioned above.

Our Review Of The Firstleaf Wine Club:

First Leaf Wine Club

The fact that most consumers dot what to fork out anything over $15 for a wine bottle was correctly determined by Firstleaf. They decided to limit their prices to this level and moved to source quality wines at the price simply because they aim to sell a large number of bottles.

By choosing wines made, from affordable grapes, in large volumes from wine regions that are lesser known, Firstleaf Wine Club has succeeded in stocking the sort of wines that you expect to retail at 15 dollars a bottle. Expecting them to offer wines from established high-end wine regions on a regular basis is not reasonable given that their bottles retail for $15.

From the finest wine regions including Piedmont, Bourgogne/Burgundy, and Bordeaux, they do offer a small number of bottles. Great deals are still available for importers of wine, and resultantly the consumer, from not-so-well-known areas of Spain, Italy, and France, from where they get most of their International offering.

Similarly, their USA offering, as we have seen this far, is made up of “California” tagged wines which as opposed from being sourced from the high-end Sonoma and Napa regions, come from lesser known locations including Paso Robles, Lodi, and other places further inland.

The variety of grapes used in their wines impressed us, for reds, it’s not just about Merlot and Cabernet, or for whites, about Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, we discovered as we carefully looked through their International wine list. You will find out about new wine varieties you might want to try out even when shopping at your local store with this selection.

The quality of their wine, according to us, is more or less the same as that of their competitors marketing $15-a-bottle wine subscriptions and at this price point is only slightly above average, even with their many awards.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Wine Subscription

When setting your preferences, instead of USA, choose the Imported wine option. As a rule of thumb, wines produced outside the US offer better value for your money. Even though there are exceptions, there are many reasons why this is the case.

Assessing the selection made by Penrose Hill, the party responsible for sourcing and producing Firstleaf’s wine, results in a bit of “black box” around wine choices. From their selections, however, it’s apparent that they look for options that most people will like while also focusing on providing cost savings.

It’s worth noting however that for wines above $15 they claim MSRP values. These numbers don’t add up as all their wines, produced for Firstleaf by Penrose Hill, are available outside the club. Since they are making you feel like you are getting extra value when you aren’t, using a dubious tactic we took from them half a point for it.

All Award Winning, Are They Really?

All award-winning is the claim made by Firstleaf with regard to their wine. On all of the web pages describing each of their wines, you will find these awards included. For both the wines we received as well as those advertised, we looked around to ascertain these claims. For each of the wines included in our first delivery, we found at least one award-winner.

To assist buyers in judging the contents of a bottle before purchasing it, the wine marketing industry has become adept at developing intelligent strategies. The use of descriptive terms, submission of samples to competitions and having critics review wines are three of the most commonly used strategies.

In most cases, we want someone to tell us what to pick as we are too busy. To simplify the decision-making process, you may need to use such information. Critiquing the source of the information is essential for any savvy buyer, which is where we prove our value. Our recommendation to you; when choosing wine, exercise a lot of caution when relying on these strategies as they are all subjective. Just because a wine, from any producer, has earned an award should not be reason enough to make you assume that it will be great.

Advantages Of Being A Firstleaf Member

Some of the reasons why you should sign up for Firstleaf include:

1. Money Back Guarantee: The wine club offers a 100 percent cash back satisfaction guarantee to all members.

2. Offers: Members can, for a reduced price of $39.95 (inclusive of shipping) from the usual $135, sample 6 wines, with sales tax payable where necessary. This introductory offer is excellent. When you rate your first 3 wines, you also get a $10 discount. To get your 10 dollars, you will have to choose thumbs-up or thumbs-down for the rating; these being the only options available.

3. Keeping Customers Happy: During our research, we did not find any negative feedback about their customer service. This means that they are either great at keeping customers happy or great at wiping negative reviews from the World Wide Web. If, and when, we receive customer complaints, we will review this rating.

4. Educating Buyers about Wine: Firstleaf can do a better job of educating buyers about wine by providing more information about the wine tasting notes, the wine region of origin, the grapes used and winemaker. They only list simple statistics, food pairing ideas, and simple tasting notes on their beautifully made wine cards. However, we really appreciated the wine profile detailing the tannin levels, body, sweetness, acidity, and fruitiness of their wines. We think that this is linked to the algorithm used to choose your wines, as it assists you in finding more of your preferred type of wine.

5. Convenient Service: The convenience you might expect from today’s wine subscription services are on offer at Firstleaf. On their website, buyers can switch wine bottles, change shipping dates and even their preferences. To ensure that you can go back and rate all the wines you have ordered in the past, they save your order history. Even though you have to check the knowledge base to find the right link, you can cancel or place your account on hold.

Firstleaf Wine Club Is A Great Fit For:

This is a personalized, value-driven wine subscription service.

Wine enthusiasts who would be best served by joining this club include:

• Those who are interested in learning, at an affordable and relaxed way, about different types of wine.

• Rosé and white wine lovers who are on a budget

• Wine enthusiasts who like sticking to a narrow field of options

• Wine drinkers who have no problem sampling a large number of wines before identifying their preferred selection.

Looking For The Right Wine club Gift? Is It Firstleaf?

If you are looking for a good wine club gift, Firstleaf is not the answer. They don’t offer a pre-paid subscription, gift wrap the first shipment nor do you have the option to send a personalized gift message with the shipment. For our top wine clubs for gifts picks, check out the following list.

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Firstleaf Wines Customer Service

Firstleaf Reviews of their wine clubAnother thing I really like about the Firstleaf Wine Club is that they actually care about their customers and aren’t afraid to receive negative feedback along with all the good reviews they have. Here’s an example of what I mean: once a month they send out a customer survey to all of their current wine club subscribers asking how they are doing.

If you actually click on any of the numbers (1-10), then you get taken to a dedicated landing page on the Firstleaf website thanking you for your feedback. Here’s exactly what they respond with: “Your feedback is important to us and helps us make the club better. If you have any other review of the first leaf wine clubcomments, concerns, or questions about the club you’d like to share, please reach out to us at

And the customer service gets even better from there. You then get an email from the CEO of the Firstleaf Wine Club, Philip James! Here’s the email he personally sent to me: “Hi Brendan, If we’ve not been introduced yet, my name is Philip James and I’m the Founder and CEO of Firstleaf. I wanted to personally thank you for filling out our brief survey. Your feedback is incredibly The cost of the Firstleaf wine club is very affordableimportant to us and helps us make our club better for members. I’d love to hear more about what we can do to make your club experience better. Please click here and let us know your feedback. Thank you, Philip James – Firstleaf Founder & CEO.”

When you click on the “Tell Us More” button, it takes you to a page on their website where you can leave your detailed feedback. Here’s what the page actually says: “Please let us know how we can make Firstleaf better for you! We take your feedback seriously to improve your experience.” and here’s what it’ll look like when you click on the link yourself and go there: First Leaf Wines Feedback Option

Firstleaf Wine Club Review
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