Plonk Wine Club Father’s Day 10% Off Coupon

Plonk Wine Club ReviewThe Plonk Wine Club just came out with a great Father’s Day promotion that I had to blog about. They’re offering 10% off to anyone that signs up for a wine club! You could even give the gift to yourself, even if you’re not a Dad ;-)

I’ve signed my Dad up for plenty of wine clubs over the years. He has so much wine he doesn’t know what to do with it all! LOL. Just another reason why I love to go visit him as he’s got boxes and boxes of great wine he’s received over the years from the wine club subscriptions I’ve signed him up for and for all the special mystery boxes I’ve sent him when the many wine clubs I’m a member of sends out a special offer. OK, so enough about that, here’s the coupon code. Enjoy!

Head over to and enter this code….

Plonk Wine Club Coupon Code For 10% Off: ILOVEDAD

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Get 10% Off With This Coupon Code From the Plonk Wine Club