California Wine Club Review

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  1. Rated the #1 Best California Wine Club
  2. On the Top 10 Best Wine Clubs list since 2010
  3. 12 fantastic bottles of red wine for just $69.99
  4. 2 FREE Riedel Crystal Glasses worth $29.50
  5. 20% savings on all future orders for members
  6. Money back guarantee on all bottles of wine
  7. Award winning California wines shipped to your door every month

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Get 12 bottles of red wine & 2 Riedel Crystal Glasses for only $69.99


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The California Wine Club Is 2017s Best Red Wine Club

Richard Branson - Owner of Virgin WinesThanks to Richard Branson, who loves red wine more than any other type, the Virgin Wine Club has grown into a red wine club powerhouse. He has his trained staff scouring wineries around the world to find and bring to him the best of the best. After they pass his famous taste test, they’re good to go and get sent off to their exclusive wine club members. As a member of the Virgin Wine Club, you’ll receive 12 bottles of amazing red wines every 3 months. These include Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Syrah, Zinfandel and more.

Special Introductory Offer

The Virgin Wines introductory offer is just too good to pass up if you love red wines. You get 12 bottles of premium red wine that passed the Richard Branson quality test for just $69.99. Plus, you also get 2 Riedel Crystal Glasses worth $29.50 for FREE! Not only is the price excellent, at under $5.90 a bottle, but the Riedel Crystal Glasses make the wine club and excellent gift for anyone you know that loves high quality wine.

Following the introductory offer, each quarter you will get a case of wine (12 bottles) for $139.99. Personally, I prefer to get quarterly shipments as it’s more environmentally friendly to get fewer shipments on a yearly basis as it uses up less cardboard and it helps you save money on shipping.

Because the Virgin Wine Club specializes in red wines, you’ll find that their mixed case of reds and whites actually only comes with 4 whites instead of 6. This isn’t surprising though considering the wine club is exclusively known for having the best red wines in the wine club industry.

How We Rate Wine Clubs Like The Virgin Wine Club

Here at, we take our wine club reviews very seriously. Even though we may receive renumeration for recommending one of the wine clubs we feature on our website, we still take a truly objective approach to our star rating system. Each and every review on our website is based on the decade of wine club experience we have. We’ve been members of small winery wine clubs, medium size vineyard boutique clubs and some of the largest, best run wine of the month clubs there are. No matter which type of monthly wine club it is, we take our reviews seriously as we see it as our #1 goal to ensure you find the best wine club for you. With that in mind, each and every one of our wine club reviews are based on around 10 different attributes that make up a good wine club. Here’s how Virgin Wines stacks up.

Virgin Wines Money Back GuaranteeWine Quality

Because they deal only with boutique style and small batch wines that pass rigorous testing, the quality of the wines from Virgin Wines is nearly impeccable. My husband and I have been members for years and absolutely love that every quarter we get the best red wines available. If the wine isn’t good enough for Richard Branson, then it never arrives at your door. Virgin Wines is so confident in their wines that they offer a no questions asked money back guarantee.

Wine Selection

With its Explorer’s Wine Club, Virgin really does go the extra mile. Most of the wines are handmade, small batch productions that come from family-owned vineyards. Since bulk-production is not something they deal with, they choose the finer brands for their wine selection. Members may choose from a mix of red and white wines, all whites or all reds. Our recommendation is to go with the all reds, since that’s what the Virgin Wine Club is famous for. What you won’t get as a member of Virgin Wines is sparkling wines or champagne, which is just fine in my book.

Price of Wine

The Virgin Wine Club has just one membership level which is known as the Explorer’s Club. There are absolutely no cancellation fees or contracts required with this club. Their special introductory offer comes with 12 awesome red wines with 2 Riedel Crystal Glasses worth $29.50 for just $69.99. After that, it is the regular price plus a $19.99 shipping charge. There are quarterly shipments with each shipment being 12 bottles. And we don’t know why you would, but if you ever wanted to cancel your membership, all you have to do is call customer service and they’ll take care of it for you.

Discount Opportunities

Virgin Wine Club Deals and Offers
Example Email Special Offer

We always look for three things when it comes to discount opportunities. The first is introductory offers (like their 12 bottles of red wine + 2 Riedel Crystal Glasses worth $29.50 for just $69.99 offer), the second is discounts to buy more wine you liked (commonly known as the reorder discount) and the third is special discounts available only to members (such as wine gift specials). The Virgin Wine Club is well known for having one of the best introductory offers online, particularly their FREE Riedel Crystal wine glasses worth $29.50 and their reorder discounts are well worth mentioning as well. We like the 25% off coupon codes they send their members as they enable us to stock up on the wines we loved for less. They even have some great offers they email out from time to time as well.

Customer Service Record

My husband and I have only had to call Virgin Wines twice over the last 4 years and both times our experience was great! On one occasion, one of the bottles they sent us had a cork that broke off in the bottle 🙁 We simply called them up and told them what happened and they asked if we wanted a refund or a new bottle sent out the next day. WOW! Now that’s the type of customer service you would expect from a world class organization run by Richard Branson. As far as we’re concerned, Virgin Wines has some of the best customer service staff in the industry.


100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

As I mentioned above, Virgin Wines has a fantastic money back guarantee that is bar none the best in the wine industry. It’s amazing to think that if you simply don’t like one of the bottles of red wine you received, you can simply call up the Virgin Wines customer service department and as for a refund or a replacement. It’s incredible!

Curation Process

The curation process at Virgin Wines is inspiring. They have trained wine connoisseurs that scour  the globe looking for the best red wines ever made. And when they find them, they present a bottle to Richard Branson and ask for his seal of approval. Then, and only then, does the wine get acquired. And not just some of it, but they buy every bottle the winery has left! These wines are so superb that when you receive one in a quarterly shipment, if you love it, you need to reorder ASAP or else it may sell out.

Convenience & Personalization

Fedex delivers for Virgin WinesVirgin Wines makes it really easy to put a shipment on hold or skip a shipment by logging into your account and simply clicking on the option. And when you do get a shipment, they let you know right away that it’s on it’s way by sending you an email with the Fedex tracking code. You can even sign up to receive text messages so you know when your delivery is almost there. This is really helpful as you need to be home to sign for your wine delivery. Another cool thing they now offer is to pick and choose the red wines you want shipped to you in your next shipment. Simply login to your account and edit your next shipment.

Uniqueness of the Wine Club

There is absolutely no other wine club that has the amazing red wines that Virgin Wines does. And no other wine club has Richard Branson vouching for the quality of these superb wines. Couple that with the insanely low introductory price of $69.99 for 12 bottles, that also includes 2 Riedel Crystal wine glasses worth $29.50, and you’ll easily understand why this wine club is on our Top 10 Best Wine Clubs list.

Wine Education

Every quarterly shipment comes with glossy color cards that go into intricate detail on the wine, the winery it was produced at,the wine maker himself and the process they followed to make this particular bottle of wine so special. Reading the wine notes from Virgin Wines sometimes makes me feel like I’m actually at the winery, tasting the wine in the tasting room. They do a great job and my husband and I love it.


The Virgin Wine Club makes a great gift. It’s on our best wine club gifts list this year and for good reason. For just $69.99 you can send someone special 12 bottles of award-winning red wine and 2 Riedel crystal wine glasses worth $29.50! That’s an amazing price and such a good deal. And best of all, if you really wanted to, you could cancel the subscription after the first shipment. You probably won’t want to after you hear how great a present it is to get it every quarter, but it’s nice to know the option exists.


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The Virgin Wine Club made our Top 10 Best Wine Clubs list this year for their amazing red wines

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Get 12 bottles of red wine & 2 Riedel Crystal Glasses for only $69.99

Virgin Wine Club Review
  • Overall Rating


For the 5th year in a row, we've rated the Virgin Wine Club our #1 best red wine club. Not only do you get 12 amazing bottles of red wine for $69.99, but you also get 2 free Riedel crystal wine glasses for free.