Laithwaites Wine Club Review

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Why The Laithwaites Wine Club Is So Popular:

  • Rated the #1 Best International Wine Club
  • Rated one of the 10 Best Wine Clubs for over 4 years now
  • 12 superb bottles of wine for only $69.99!
  • 4 FREE crystal wine glasses worth $49.99 with 1st shipment.
  • 20% reorder discount for all wine club members
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every bottle or you get a new one for FREE!

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Get 12 BOTTLES of wine and 4 wine glasses worth $49.99 for just $69.99!

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Welcome To The Best International Wine Club Of 2016

The Laithwaites Wine Club has long held the #1 best wine club in Europe title, and now they’ve come to the United States and are winning the hearts and minds of new wine club members in droves. The Laithwaites wine club has the size and connections that no other wine of the month club has. This enormous size allows the company to source a wide variety of wines from around the world (from California to Italy to Argentina) and share them with their members for incredibly low prices. They’ve grown so much in the last couple of years that they’ve now started to private label their wine, so don’t be surprised if you see the same wines for more from clubs like the New York Times Wine Club or the Rolling Stones Wine Club.

Incredible Introductory Offer

Perhaps most enticing for newcomers to the Laithwaites wine club, that distinguishes them from other wine clubs, is an Introductory Offer that is so incredibly good that most people just can’t help but to sign up. What you get in your first shipment is 15 bottles of award winning wine for just $69.99! That’s just $4.66 a bottle for 90+ point wine. WOW! No wonder it’s the most popular international wine club year after year. If you don’t want to continue to receive 12 bottles of wine every quarter from the Laithwaites Wine Club, all you need to do is call in and cancel your membership. Don’t worry, you still get to keep the first 15 bottles for just $69.99.

Another element of the Laithwaites wine club that helps them stand out from every other wine clubs is their immense buying power. The company doesn’t stock boutique productions, small productions or even medium production wines in the shipments they send across the world. Many of their wines are not offered by any other company as Laithwaites can and often does buy the entire year’s supply of that wine, whether it be a Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, etc. At the same time, they always keep some of the wines they buy in bulk in their online store so you can reorder at an even steeper discount.

After the first shipment, a case of twelve bottles of wine will arrive every quarter for $139.99, plus a nominal $19.99 shipping charge, until you cancel your membership. Monthly shipments is not an option, but we personally prefer quarterly shipments of whole cases of wine anyway to save on the cost of shipping per bottle and easing the strain on the environment. Fortunately, Laithwaites agrees with this thinking.

While not a big deal, I also feel everyone that signs up for the wine club should know that the Mixed case of wine comes with 8 red wines and 4 white wines, and they do let you know up front that it’s known as the “Mostly Red” option. Members can also choose all red wines or all white wines. Our preference is for all red wines, but feel free to choose the subscription that you would like best.

Laithwaites wine selection is heavily rooted in the European continent, likely due to it’s British roots and because of it’s status as Europe’s #1 best wine club. Most wine cases are around 3/4th European wines and wines from elsewhere in the world tend to clock in at the remaining quarter of the case. We typically get wines from South Africa, Argentina, Chile, California, Washington State and sometimes even Oregon.

How We Rate Wine Clubs Like The Laithwaites Wine Club

Here at, we take our wine club reviews very seriously. Even though we may receive renumeration for recommending one of the wine clubs we feature on our website, we still take a truly objective approach to our star rating system. Each and every review on our website is based on the decade of wine club experience we have. We’ve been members of small winery wine clubs, medium size vineyard boutique clubs and some of the largest, best run wine of the month clubs there are. No matter which type of monthly wine club it is, we take our reviews seriously as we see it as our #1 goal to ensure you find the best wine club for you. With that in mind, each and every one of our wine club reviews are based on around 10 different attributes that make up a good wine club. Here’s how the Laithwaites Wine Club stacks up.

Quality of Wine

Over the last 5 years of being a member of the Laithwaites Wine Club, we’ve seen them get better and better at serving wine club members here in the United States. They may have things dialed in in Europe, but serving US customers is a different story. We’re so used to wines from California that they’re now listening more and more to their members and sending a much larger percentage of West Coast wines. Their focus on earthy European wines from Spain, Portugal and Italy may have biased us as we do prefer fruity New World wines, ideally low on acid and minerality. On the plus side, European wines tend to have less alcohol overall and provide an interesting change from the norm.

Price of Wine

In days past, Laithwaites (as well as the well known Virgin Wine Club) had unbeatable prices on wines that enabled them to own the wine club market. However, newer monthly clubs have since entered the low price wine club market, which has put a serious squeeze on Laithwaites. Now a days there are a number of wine clubs that are offering competitive prices, sometimes even down to $15 bucks a bottle delivered to your door. However, you will likely get what you pay for, like so many other things in life. At least with the Laithwaites Wine Club you know you’re  getting wines from one of the best wine clubs online, versus some of the other smaller wine clubs that have recently come on the market.

Discount Opportunities

We always look for three things when it comes to discount opportunities. The first is introductory offers (like their 15 bottles of wine for just $69.99 offer), the second is discounts to buy more wine you liked (commonly known as the reorder discount) and the third is special discounts available only to members (such as wine gift specials). Laithwaites Wine Club has one of the best introductory offers available, particularly their three bottle bonus offer and their reorder discounts are well worth mentioning as well. We like the 20% off coupon codes they send their members as they enable us to stock up on wine for the holidays.

Customer Service Record

We’ve been delighted with Laithwaites’ customer service staff, but we’ve also seen a lot of complaints online about how people were surprised when their 2nd shipment arrived and they weren’t charged the same amazing introductory offer they got when they signed up. This is due to them not reading the web page correctly or else they would see that the $4.66 a bottle offer is a one-time introductory offer and all future cases of wine cost $11.67 a bottle, which is still a very good price for an award-winning bottle of wine. Laithwaites is doing a better job of letting people know the usual price of the wine club after the introductory offer ends, so these complaints are definitely diminishing.

Curation Process

Curation is a mysterious process at Laithwaites, but they do have some trade secrets that can be justified as keeping quiet about. For the amount of wine the club buys, we feel they’re doing a very good job choosing wines that are going to please a wider range of people – especially here in the US where most of us prefer California wines. They can pick a good wine, no question about that, and they definitely know exactly which variations and regions seem to have the broadest appeal to their considerable customer base.

100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

First of all, I like to share with my readers that this is an objective analysis, not a promise that you’ll be satisfied with the wine. However, the Laithwaites Wine Club does have a top level satisfaction guarantee policy that we were impressed with. As an example, if anything’s wrong, even if you just plain don’t like the wine you receive, the company will refund you the cost of the bottle. How great is that? We also liked that their money back guarantee is uncomplicated. They want customers to enjoy every bottle of wine they get, and if the customer simply isn’t totally satisfied with their wine, they need only contact Laithwaites for a full refund.


Laithwaites has improved a lot in this department over the years. A lot of this is due to the onset of modern digital technology and the rise of the global telecommunications network that make it really easy for customers to manage their wine deliveries. In fact, customers can now manage their member account online, allowing them to put a hold on their shipments and receive shipping notifications and tracking numbers for when their wine is shipped out. This came in handy last month when we were out of town and needed to put a hold on our latest shipment.


In comparison to some of the other wine clubs, Laithwaites can be pretty old fashioned in this department, and to this day, all you can really do to personalize your order is choose the color of the wine that arrives: all reds, all whites or mixes (which means mostly reds).

Uniqueness of the Wine Club

Although other wine of the month clubs have recently started adopting the same practice, Laithwaites was one of the first clubs to start the now white hot trend of buying wine in cases via subscription plans versus just getting 2 bottles of wine every month like the California Wine Club.

Wine Education

Laithwaites sends out glossy color cards with each shipment of their wines that do a nice job of giving you the most important details on the wines you’ve received. These cards contain detailed tasting notes about the wine in the box, such as where they came from, the winemakers and the region the wine is made in. There are also food pairing recipes and random trivia to amuse readers. While you won’t learn about the individual winery’s history and why they chose to start their vineyard in Napa Valley, you will get more information than if you simply picked up a random bottle of wines at the grocery store.


When it comes to choosing a wine club for a gift, the Laithwaites wine club isn’t a bad one, but it’s not the one we give to our friends and family. We prefer the wine clubs that come with a free gift like the professional corkscrew worth $50 that comes in the first shipment from the Wall Street Journal Wine Club. Just remember to cancel the subscription after the 1st shipment or else you’ll get charged the usual $139.99 every quarter thereafter.


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The Laithwaites wine club is one of our favorite wine clubs this year

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Get 12 BOTTLES of wine and 4 wine glasses worth $49.99 for just $69.99!

Overall Rating:

Laithwaites Wine Club Review
  • Overall Rating


The Laithwaites Wine Club earned our #1 best international wine club award this year for sourcing and delivering some of the world's best red wines. For $69.99 you get 15 bottles of exceptional red wine, which makes this a perfect wine club gift for a friend or family member.