Wall Street Journal Wine Club Review

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Why The WSJ Wine Club Is So Popular:

  1. Rated the #1 Best Wine Club 10 years in a row
  2. Voted the Best Wine Club Gift 8 years in a row
  3. 1st shipment only costs $69.99 for 12 BOTTLES!
  4. 1st shipment comes with a FREE professional corkscrew worth $49.99
  5. Cancel anytime – even after just 1 shipment
  6. Save up to 30% off reorders

Get a FREE $50 Professional Corkscrew When You Join Today


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Best Wine Club Of 2016
Get the WSJ wine deal before its goneThe Wall Street Journal Wine Club is the #1 best wine club for all of 2016. We’ve reviewed a LOT of other wine clubs over the years and the WSJ Wine Club is always at the top of our list. They have a huge following and for a very good reason. The wines they deliver to your door are sourced from around the world and of the highest quality that you would expect from a brand like the Wall Street Journal.

Best Priced Wine Club
Because they have so many members, they have an incredible amount of buying power. That enables them to buy the amazing wines they find in bulk and deliver them to us at a great discount that you just won’t find with other wine clubs. What that also means is that the wines they do send your way will be from large, well-established vineyards that have on hand tens of thousands of bottles of wine.

Best Introductory Offer Of Any Wine Club
The WSJ Wine Club also offers an INCREDIBLE introductory offer that puts them head and shoulders above all the other online wine clubs. Your first shipment only costs $69.99 and comes with 12 amazing bottles of wine that would normally cost $189.99. Plus, they also include a free professional level corkscrew that sells online for $49.99! This amazing offer also makes the Wall Street Journal Wine Club the best wine club gift for 2016.

Best Customer Service & Free Bottle Replacement
I’ve been on the phone with all of the wine clubs I’ve been a member of at least once over the last 12 months and can easily say that the WSJ Wine Club customer support was by far the best. They answer the phone quickly and treat you very professionally. I had one bottle of Pinot Noir that just didn’t taste right and they addressed that immediately by sending me a new bottle of something in my shipment that I did like. THANK YOU WSJ WINE! You’re awesome!!!

Cancel At Any Time Policy
I also loved that if I ever wanted to cancel my membership, I easily could. Which is just not the case with all wine clubs. Some try to lock you in for a full year!

Quarterly Shipments & Re-Order Discounts
Once a quarter, the Wall Street Journal Wine Club will send you 12 bottles of either white, red or mixed (depending on your preference). If any of the bottles they send you are so outstanding that you want more of them, the WSJ Wine Club offers all members a generous discount on re-orders.

Sign up now at http://www.wsjwine.com

WSJ Wine Discovery Club Offer Code

Get a FREE $50 Professional Corkscrew When You Join Today

WSJ Wine Club Review
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