Signing Up For The WSJ Wine Club

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Just wanted to show you what you’ll see when you sign up for the WSJ Wine Club at

WSJ Wine Club

On the WSJ Wine Club page, what you’ll learn is that with their Discovery Club, you get a consistent supply of outstanding wine from some of the world’s best wineries. You will get teated to new wines every quarter, plus enough information on the winery the wine came from to help you pick the right bottle from the wine rack each and every time. Each quarterly shipment includes enough wine for one bottle a week, so be sure to order more if you need it.

With the WSJ Wine Club comes with the following benefits (which is one of the reasons why we recommend them):

  • 12 amazing bottles sent to you once a quarter
  • 20% off all additional cases you buy
  • Exclusive, online previews to your upcoming shipment (make any changes before you receive it!)
  • Cancel your wine club subscription at any time!
  • Superbly designed and expertly detailed wine tasting notes
  • A 100% money back guarantee that they truly stand behind!

With these amazing benefits, it’s no wonder the WSJ Wine Club comes so highly recommended. Sign up today at


12 thoughts on “Signing Up For The WSJ Wine Club”

  1. My brother suggested I start reading your web site posts. For once he was right. Great stuff! I can’t wait to hear about the wines and if they pass the grade.

  2. A wine club only needs to do a few things well, namely, offer good wines, at a good price, delivered in a timely manner, and have a responsive Customer Service Dept. WSJ Wines DOES NONE OF THESE THINGS IN AN ACCEPTABLE MANNER. One exception, when I canceled a regular shipment and my membership, I received my wine in record time along with a quick billing to my Credit Card. That was 6 months ago with no resolution!


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