The Thomas George Estates Pinot Noir 2012 – 5 Stars and Worth The Price!

Thomas George Estates Pinot Noir 2012If you are already a lover of Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, then we can pretty much guarantee that this amazing wine is going to quickly become one of your new favorites. We received our bottle from our favorite Pinot Noir Wine Club. If you are new to wines and have never tasted anything from the 2012 vintage before we are going to tell you all about why this stunning Pinot Noir could very well have you choosing this bottle time and time again. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

That Sweet And Spice Core That We Love

Back of the Thomas George Estates Pinot Noir 2012
The Thomas George Estates Pinot Noir 2012 offers that wonderful sweet and spice core that easily has us saying yes to a second glass. It’s one of those cores that provides an exceptional level of spice to warm the soul and engage our emotions yet balances this with a sense of sweet reminiscence; a pleasing combination that is achieved spectacularly with this wine.

A Subtle Backbone Of Tannic

When it comes to tannic, this wine choice knows how to provide enough to stabilize the wine and create a solid backbone to each glass, yet not so much that we feel overwhelmed by it. The Thomas George Estates Pinot Noir 2012 has mastered this very well indeed. The wine benefits from adequate oak aging to provide just the right level to please the taste buds. In fact, after spending 11 months in 94% French Oak barrels, it is little wonder that this subtle tannic backbone has been achieved so impressively.

The Thomas George Estates Pinot Noir cork with 2012 printed on it.

The Opening

There is something about that first aroma that hits you when you open a bottle of wine you have not tried before. If the nose is not impressive, we quickly feel a sense of disappointment, our anticipation diminishes, and already the wine choice has gone down rather significantly in our expectations.

The Thomas George Estates Pinot Noir 2012 cork

We don’t expect this to happen for you when you open a bottle of Thomas George Estates Pinot Noir 2012. For the discerning consumer, the first thing that will likely strike you is that pleasing hit of ripe, juicy cherries. If you love 90+ wines that boast tantalizing, juicy berry elements, this choice is going to be a hit with you straight away. It definitely was for us! Give yourself a moment and you will likely quickly pick up on a good hint of black licorice coming through from under the berries, as well as a punch of cola, which is a surprising, yet delightful combination.

The Palate

Nobody likes a wine that promises everything on the opening but sorely disappoints on the palate. At times it can feel like you have been promised the world, only to find out that you were bitterly lied to!

The palate of this Pinot Noir knows how to deliver, not only on what you expected from the opening but a whole lot more too.

Take the time to enjoy your first sip of this wine, and you will find the palate offers a full and pleasing flavor. Your initial thoughts may be that of a tart and spicy sensation that feels smooth and succulent.

As you continue, you will likely pick up on those rich red cherry elements, combined with juicy raspberries to make a perfect compliment. Take the time to allow the berries to settle down, and you will soon be met with a new wave that mixes in orange rind along with hints of other elements; a true delight to the tongue, the senses, and the emotions.

Pouring a glass of The Thomas George Estates Pinot Noir 2012


The Finish

So far this wine choice has delivered both on the opening and the palate, but what can we say about the finish? Is it going to close the show in style? We would like to answer that with a resounding ‘YES!’. The somewhat bitter finish compliments the initial pleasing opening and the succulent palate beautifully and leaves you with a sense of having discovered, explored and conquered a wonderful treat for all of your senses.

The Botton Line

It’s more than obvious that we feel this is a bottle that makes an excellent choice. If you can still find it that is! However, how you feel about this hard to find wine is all dependent on two factors.

Your personal preferences when it comes to wine certainly play the first role, and we hope that this review has aided you in understanding whether this is a bottle that fits perfectly into your taste or could be an exciting change to try.

The second factor which is rather vital to indulging in the full potential of a bottle of fine wine is that of being able to appreciate each element. We encourage you to get into the habit of exploring the opening of each bottle of wine you have, take the time to analyze the palate and consider whether the finish is as you expected. Learning to appreciate each sip of wine you take will help you to make better choices when it comes to embracing the wonderful world of wine with style, sophistication, and good sense. 

If you like this bottle of wine, then be sure to check out the other wine clubs we recommend.

Thomas George Estates Pinot Noir 2012

Thomas George Estates Pinot Noir 2012
  • Thomas George Estates Pinot Noir 2012
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